Finnish anti-bullying campaign day Isosti Yhdessä – Kukaan ei ole nolla was celebrated in Finland on November 11th. It could be translated as All Together – Nobody Is a Nobody. It is a day for empathy, friendship and tolerance – a day to remember that every one of us is valuable and no one should be left alone. The Finnish Trade Union of Education (OAJ) challenged all the schools, teachers and students to do small or big acts of kindness on that day.

Loneliness and bullying have significant negative impact on health and wellbeing so the aim of the campaign day was to prevent social exclusion in creative ways. Social skills have been found to be essential when overcoming bullying issues. Because of that, also we at Mightifier wanted to take our share of responsibility. We took part in the challenge with Töölö Primary School. Five classes from the school learned and practiced social skills with us during their school day.


Our agenda for the day was to explore empathy and character traits together. How can you identify fairness, persistence or honesty in your classmates’ weekly behavior? In which way could you acknowledge your friends’ successes? How does it feel to give and receive positive feedback?


During the Mightifying lessons, kids tried to look back at different situations and discover their friends’ strengths from their behavior. Kids found out that they are for example kind, brave and curious according to their classmates. At the end of the day every student had both got and given several positive feedbacks. For some of the kids, giving feedback to their classmates seemed to be quite easy since they had practiced it before. On the other hand, some kids found it more challenging – but we all know that practice makes perfect!

We recognize that one campaign day is not enough when it comes to improving social skills. But, it’s a good catalyst for creating a regular social skills training routine. Creating a routine is never easy – that’s why we at Mightifier want to be there for the teachers.