Preventing and dissolving isolation and bullying by teaching character development!

✓ Easy-to-implement
✓ Saves teachers’ time
✓ Measured impact

Mightifier includes

SEL skills development

Character strengths development and individual strength profiles for students and teachers.

Well-being data & insights

Wellbeing Pulses and dashboards for students and teachers.

Support material for improvement

Strength curriculum for students and TEAM Mightifier professional development materials.

Developed together with the world-renowned Finnish teachers in the happiest country in the world!


Mightifier is based on positive psychology and character strengths. Every students needs a safe and encouraging learning environment to make learning and flourishing possible. Positive pedagogy guides all students towards a balanced and meaningful life.

Teaching materials

The program has been co-created together with Finnish educators and students. Mightifier support materials have been created by a multi-professional team of educators, psychologists, and positive pedagogy experts.

SEL has mighty impact!

More & better friends

Improved learning outcomes


Less anxiety & stress


Less restlessness

Long-term well-being

Connectedness & success later in life

Let’s start Mightifying!