During the summer we have been working hard to make sure Mightifier App promotes student wellbeing and helps teachers in schools and also in remote learning situations. Next, we will introduce a couple of amazing new features. All of these are now available for all our Mightifier users.

We added strength descriptions to students
When the students are picking a strength to give feedback about they can see a short description of each strength to help them decide.

We added tips on how to write the feedback
We have added a couple of questions to guide the students to write as comprehensive feedback as possible.

We renewed Mightifier Wellbeing-Pulse questions
Mightifier Wellbeing-Pulse has the same idea in all questions but we have changed them slightly to make sure they will work in both schools and in remote learning.

You can now return given feedback back to a student
If a student writes negative feedback to a classmate, instead of just removing the feedback, the teacher can now also write a small message to the student and guide the writing in the right direction.

If you are not a Mightfier user yet, get in touch with us and send us an email to hello@mightfier.com