Mighty Benefits

Character Development

Character strengths are abilities that every 21st century student needs! With the help of Mightifier, students will learn self-regulation, compassion, perspective, gratitude, bravery, creativity and other fundamental future skills!

Using character strengths affects positively to holistic well-being, motivation and learning. Even recognizing your character strengths is empowering! Mightifier’s strength-based curriculum makes it easy for a teacher to educate their class about character strengths.


Improved social skills

Social skills are fundamental for our life success. They affect our health and longevity, academic achievement and job performance. Students actively practice their social skills when using Mightifier. Mightifying teaches how to communicate with people and to give and receive feedback.

Mightifier helps students to reflect on their own behavior and to recognize not only their own, but also their classmates’ daily successes. In addition, Mightifiers develop their character strengths that help in building thriving relationships and succeed in life.

Safer learning environments

Learning is easier in an environment where you feel safe and respected. Positive education philosophy, which is the base of Mightifier, cultivates growth mindset, which is the foundation for learning.

When a class harnesses positive peer feedback method, they will create a positive and respectful culture, where everybody feels safe to participate and make mistakes – feels safe to learn!


Early detection of isolation and bullying

Social isolation and bullying are big problems that cause long term harm for students. It is important for schools to pay attention for preventive methods. The key is early detection.

With Mightifier, schools and districts get a tool for following the bullying and isolation situation in real-time. In addition, teachers get high quality support materials for solve any problems regarding those areas.

More and better relations

Good relationships are the key for well-being and well-being enhances learning! Therefore, we believe that well-being should be the main object of schools´ ethos in the first place.

The Mightifying method lets students to interact positively with all students in the classroom – not only their best friends! This helps everyone find new friends and create more meaningful relationships. Some Mightifiers have told us that when a new classmate gives you positive feedback, they feel immediately a bit closer!

Mighty results

  • Mightifier improved class atmosphere according to teachers. 92% 92%
  • Mightifier improved social skills according to teachers. 100% 100%
  • Mightifier improved students’ friend relationships. 74% 74%
  • Students felt that Mightifier improved positive mood. 81% 81%

Customer comments

”If I get feedback from a close friend, we usually talk about it during break. If it’s a kid I don’t know that well, I nod into their direction and say ”thank you.”

– Student from Finland –

“It has been great to use Mightifier, which has top-notch usability! Students have unanimously agreed that Mightifying is fun and easy.”

– Teacher from Finland –

”Positive feedback from my teacher is nice, but peer feedback is more meaningful and important.”

– Student from USA –

“We haven’t had any major bullying cases this year.”

– Teacher from Finland –