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Back to school: Mightifier top tips to kick off the school year!

The academic year has kicked off again. It may feel stressful to get back to school again and there is usually a lot of preparation to do. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or a student yourself, we wanted to provide you with some tips that will help you to stay calm and organized at the beginning of the academic year.

Top tips for teachers

Start where you finished off before summer
It is always a good idea to list the things you need to do. This will make them more organized in your head and you have a place where you can check what still needs to be done. We recommend that you read our previous blog post about the topic here and list the things you need to get started within the coming days.

Remember to be compassionate towards yourself
Starting to teach again after the summer break may feel overwhelming. Try and stay compassionate towards yourself and do not make too big expectations for yourself. The students are also in a summer mood and it may take some time to get them back to the school routines so do not expect too much but take secure small steps towards the right direction.

Top tips for parents

Keep yourself calm
Sometimes the parents are more scared of the start of the school year than the students themselves are. Especially if it is the first school year for your child, you may feel very nervous. It is however important that you stay calm and make sure your child knows that you are there to support them.

Support, praise and discuss
The start of school may feel overwhelming for your child at first. The best thing the parents can do is to support the child by telling him/her that everything will work out well and by providing positive feedback as much as possible. Remember to praise your child also on good effort not only when something has already been accomplished to promote the growth mindset and motivation to learn.

Top tips for students

Help new students in your school
If you are not a new student yourself, try and help out the new students coming to your school. You can guide them in the school building if they seem lost or simply ask how they are doing, invite them to have lunch with you, and make them feel welcome.

Pick a goal for the coming school year
Whenever starting something new, it is a great idea to pick a goal for yourself. This can be something very small and simple but something that feels important to you and something where you want to get better at. This can be for example showing more kindness to your classmates or focusing especially on some subject in school that you find interesting and want to learn more about.