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Celebrating learning and the people who helped us to learn

I was lying in my bed, and the room was a little bit dark. There was only a reading lamp on. I was already feeling sleepy, my eyelids were getting very heavy, and it was hard to keep them open. But I did not want to fall asleep because the best part of the day was that moment: my mom reading me a bedtime story.

I learnt how to read at a pretty early age, but I loved that my mom kept reading to me for many years after that. I loved her voice; the cosy feeling that having a book read to me made me feel. One of the most important things that my mom has taught me is the joy of reading. And I still love books today. I also love audiobooks at night because it feels like someone is still reading a bedtime story to me. 

This Sunday, many countries celebrate Mother’s day around the world. Why not celebrate it by telling someone you love what something important they have taught you are. Whether it is something deep and philosophical or something very concrete like tying your shoelaces or brushing your teeth. If you have a chance to spend time or talk with that someone special, ask them to think about who they would thank, if they could catch up with that person.

Let’s spread gratitude around us this Mother’s day weekend!