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Let’s celebrate human ability to love and care on Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S DAY IS SOON and therefore we wanted to share one of our most popular Mightifier Strength Cards for teachers to use with their students.

You can use the content of the LOVE card to embrace love and friendship on this special day. Let’s celebrate friendships, human caring and our ability to love and care!


Introduction to the topic:

You can read the strength card aloud to the students or you can read it together. Love means caring for others. Love can be shown in both great and small ways of act. These can include, for example, making breakfast or helping your friend with homework, a friendly smile and beautiful words, or supporting another with a hug when having a difficult moment. Receiving gestures of caring is also an important skill, as everyone has the right to feel loved.

Discussion together:

– How can you show love and care to your family and friends in everyday situations?
– How do you feel when someone shows love and caring for you, for example at home or at school?

Additional task for Valentine’s Day: (instructions to teacher)

1. Write on each of the four different heart-shaped papers one word from “friend, family member, your own or a friend’s pet, or classmate”.
2. Divide the students into four different groups, each of which will be with one heart-shaped paper at the time (max 5 min)
3. Instruct students to think together about how to show care and love to the person written in the paper and then write the thoughts down.
4. After the agreed time, the group moves on to the next point and adds their own ideas to those already written. Each group goes through all four points.
5. After one round, each group will briefly introduce the heart paper left for their group to the rest of the class.

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