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Mightifier helps students set and reach their competence goals

We love to hear from our customers about their experiences with Mightifier. Ulla-Riikka Ylitalo is a teacher at the International School of Turku, Finland. She wrote an article about their experience with Mightifier for University Teacher Training School’s internal journal. We loved the piece so much that we wanted to share the key points with a broader audience.

The International School of Turku (TIS) has been using Mightifier for four years. Ulla-Riikka Ylitalo explains that they tie character strengths to everyday situations in their classroom discussion. And that they start the Mightifier journey from learning to name and recognize the different character strengths in everyday situations in the classroom. We think this is always a great approach and congratulate TIS for this. In this way, the strengths are not isolated topics discussed only in the classroom but are part of life.

Ulla-Riikka believes that Mightifier supports 21st-century skills. Therefore it helps the teacher to integrate and assess the learning of transversal competencies. According to Ulla-Riikka, the Mightifier program helps students set and reach their competence goals. In the process, TIS teachers also help the students to focus on a growth mindset. It means they support the students to focus on efforts to grow and investigate previously unexplored areas of competencies.

Positive experiences in the classroom

TIS uses all three areas of the Mightifier student platform regularly; the well-being pulse, the feedback round, and the sociogram. Ulla-Riikka says that students help each other to recognize their own top strengths as well as the strengths of their classmates. Here are some of the student comments about why the Mightifier program is useful:

“It is a good way for teachers to know about how the pupils are doing and what they like. It also encourages students to think about others’ strengths.”

“People are often shy when they want to talk about being bullied etc. With Mightifier you must, which will definitely help people in the present or future.”

“I think it is a good way to tell something to the teacher if you feel too scared otherwise.”

“It is good because it gives support and helps share more and more kindness to everyone.”

It is invaluable to hear about these experiences of using Mightifier in schools. We celebrate four years of cooperation with Turku International School and look forward to hearing what insights they come up with in the coming years. What is your experience? We would love to hear!