Social-emotional learning programs and training


More for less: Mightifier Bitesize SEL materials

As the pandemic keeps going more or less all over the world, people are getting tired of the situation. They are frustrated about the challenges and the workload caused by changes in our normal daily lives. Parents are trying to teach their children at home while at the same time coping with the stress of their own work and are simply feeling exhausted. 

Similarly, teachers have to adjust to changes from remote learning to school learning and back again as well as having to find new and creative ideas to keep the students motivated and concentrated to learn. It is challenging to give the students the individual help they need and at the same time, keep up a strong sense of belonging and make sure everyone feels included. 

On the one hand, social-emotional skills are skills that we learn throughout the lifespan just by interacting with others and engaging in different kinds of situations. Teachers teach social-emotional skills for the students all the time just by interacting with them and by setting an example by their own actions. However, it is a good idea to sometimes actually focus on social-emotional learning only and practice by thinking and discussing the topics. 

“We constantly seek for new solutions that make the important work of all teachers easier. Mightifier Bitesize materials for teachers is our latest innovation.” Mightifier Team

We have created small SEL exercises that are quick and easy to do and work both in remote and school learning. We call these materials Mightifier Bitesize SEL activities. 


What are 10-minute bite-size SEL exercises?

They usually consist of a small introduction to the topic via examples or a short story. Then there are some ready-made questions which can be discussed together with the whole class or in small groups. Some exercises include small tasks for students to do as well but none of the exercises takes longer than 10 minutes to do. 

According to the EASEL Laboratory at Harvard University, using adaptable bite-size SEL activities combined with a series of questions can be considered as a method to more easily implement and integrate SEL into existing school routines. In essence, using bite-size SEL regularly can deliver a big impact with a relatively small time.