Social-emotional learning programs and training


New Year full of hope

As the year has changed it is time to look to the future and think about the things that are important for us right now and in the coming year. What will the year 2021 bring us? New challenges, opportunities? We believe in both. We hope the world will slowly be able to return to normal everyday life but at the same time, there is still fear that the situation will not get better as quickly as we would like.

Covid-19 has had fatal effects on the wellbeing of children. Families have certainly enjoyed spending time together at home and having a slower rhythm of life as the hustle and bustle receded. On the other hand, some families have also suffered from the situation. For many children, the daily routines of school and having reliable adults around bring security to everyday life, which in turn create the basis for normal growth and development.

Every child has the right to psychological safety. Unfortunately, the possibility of a safe environment has decreased for many children during 2020. 

We believe that the coming year will be a time of reconstruction once everything starts to slowly get back to normal. First of all, it will be important to make sure that everyone who has dropped out of the normal school pace due to exceptional arrangements is included in the school rhythm and learning again. Equally important, however, is to invest in the wellbeing of each student by focusing on improving the classroom spirit and positive feedback.

When it comes to Mightifier’s features, the Well-being pulse, in particular, has had a strong role in remote learning, as it has helped the teachers to track the wellbeing and school motivation of students. We recommend that you activate the Wellbeing pulse for your class once schools start again after holidays. Once you have the Wellbeing dashboard ahead of you, it is easier to pick from Mightifier Library the most optimal SEL lesson plans for your class.

After this, a feedback round is an essential tool for bringing up a positive connection between the students. Through positive feedback, students’ self-awareness improves and at the same time, the spirit of the whole class improves through the atmosphere of positive messages and praise.

With these tips, we wish you all a great start for the new year. We hope it is full of persistence, bravery and positive feedback!