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Our first strength of the month in 2018 was hope. It’s all about a positive mindset: keeping up a positive atmosphere, when things don’t work out right away and being able to focus positively on a set goal. Here’s three tips for practicing hope in the classroom or at home:


1. Your life as a movie

Write a fantasy movie script about your life. Imagine your life as a wonderful Hollywood movie where everything is possible. What would happen if all your dreams came true? What adventures would you jump into? Where would you travel? And what would be your dream job? Remember to start the story from today and create a happy ending to the story too!


2. Goals for the week

Start your week with positive planning session. What are you going to do this week? What things you want to learn or accomplish? Write down one goal for each day and do your best to reach them – even if they don’t work out right away. The most important thing is not to give up, you can reach all of them! And remember to give yourself positive feedback at the end of the week on your accomplishments and the fact that you believed you could do it!


3. Dreams that came true

List down three dreams that came true or goals that you reached. Maybe you’ve finally mastered the times tables from 1-9 or traveled to an amusement park like you always wanted to? How could those accomplished dreams be mirrored in some new dreams and goals? If you used flash cards to memorize the principles of times tables, you could use the same idea also with fractions. And remember that if you systematically saved your weekly allowances to get a trip to the amusement park, it’s possible to apply the same savings routine to reach your next dream holiday too!

If you can dream it, you can do it! Just remember to practice your character strength of hope.

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