Social-emotional learning programs and training


What exactly is Social-Emotional Learning? 

One of Mightifier’ key purposes is to promote student’s Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). The definition of SEL is not always easy to find but it essentially means the learning of social and emotional skills that are essential for school, work and daily life. It includes different skills but the key aspects are managing emotions, being able to show empathy, caring and support towards oneself and others, being able for rational decision making and problem-solving as well as being able to maintain healthy and good relationships.

In this blog, we open the essence of SEL a bit deeper.

Why are social-emotional skills important?

The reasons why Social-Emotional skills are so essential and important are numerous. First of all, they provide a base for learning. In order to learn the student needs to feel safe and appreciated. When the teachers, parents and surrounding classmates have good social-emotional skills, the environment for safety and appreciation is easier to create. It has also been found in multiple studies that students with good social-emotional skills have higher grades and their academic achievements are better than for students with poor social-emotional skills.

In addition, social-emotional skills are essential in any work environment and the most wanted skills that the employers are looking for at the moment are excellent social-emotional skills. In daily life, SEL skills are needed for coping with different emotions in a socially appropriate manner and for managing social relations with others.

How to practice social-emotional skills?

Social-emotional learning is learning that lasts throughout our life. It happens in our daily life through the different situations and experiences that we face. It can however be also consciously practised. The importance of support and encouragement from adults is the key to learning about emotions in younger children.

Being there in times of conflict or strong emotions and helping them to cope with these situations by naming the different emotions and telling them that it is okay to feel them. It is also a good idea to do some reflecting about your own behaviour and think about what kind of example you give for your children. 

Mightifier offers lesson plans and ideas to help teachers to promote students Social-Emotional skills. All the exercises have been done together with Finnish teachers and psychologists. By promoting the Social-Emotional skills of students you will also increase their possibilities for good academic achievements and well-being in the future.