Cautiousness – The Strength of The Month Lesson Plan

Think it trough (25 min)

Have you done some choices on a whim and regretted later? Moments when emotions are taking over and pushing you to do something, are the moments when cautiousness is a useful skill. Also, when “something just doesn’t feel right”, it is good be cautious. If something sounds too good to be true, like a message from a stranger that promises you lot of money, it is wise to stop and think for a minute. Sometimes you can be too cautious. That’s why it is useful to recognize the situations where you need cautiousness.

Risk analysis

1. Students evaluate the following situations based on a risk-benefit scale. A huge risk with a low benefit is 0. A huge benefit with a low risk is 10. You can use our free printable Mightifier Risk Analysis Form (Mightifier Riskianalyysilomake available also in Finnish)!

– Playing football in kitchen
– Preparing carefully for a test
– Driving a bicycle without helmet
– Answering to someone who promises you millions
– Eating ice cream on a sofa
– Showing your emotions to your parents
– Disagreeing openly with your teacher
– Showing your emotions to a classmate
– Skipping a lesson without an actual reason
– Helping a stranger in danger
– Putting a picture of yourself to internet
– Lighting a campfire on your backyard

2. Make groups of three. Students compare their results with these questions:

  • Did group members have similar answers? Or different?
  • Why were the answers similar or different?
  • Have these situations happened in your life?
  • When was the last time you were cautious?

Mightifier tip!

Make your own list of situations, where you think it’s good be cautious! You can rate them too.