We started our Mightifier journey by discussing with principals and teachers about their needs, frustrations and how the current portfolio supports them. We set out to find out the elements that potentially prevent them of giving the best possible teaching. One of our hypotheses was that developing kids’ social skills would help in overcoming a lot of barriers. How would they see the impact of building kids’ social skills, what would be the potential benefits at class-level, what is currently being used to develop those skills and how do these tools work?

After those discussions we were able to draw first pictures of a service, where kids give feedback to each other’s. We went and showed the pictures to 250 kids and their teachers asking for their feedback. Those moments were absolutely priceless. You can always trust a Finn to tell it like it is!

Based on the comments we were able to design an actual minimum lovable product MLP (after all, these are kids we’re talking about!).

Teachers let us in to observe the usage of our product in classes and again – the amount of insight we gained just by observing!

Today we’re looking at a roadmap which is full of valuable ideas coming directly from users. This is the road that we intend to follow also in the future. Everyone from Mightifier team spends some time at school just observing and discussing. That’s the only way we know that Mightifier is really filling the existing need and is valuable for teachers.

And by the way, those school visits are absolutely the best moments of any given week.

There’s nothing like meeting a pair of shining 9 years old eyes eager to start the conversation.


The video is a part of Espoo City’s KYKY Co-Creation video: https://6aika.fi/kaupungit/espoo/.