Ho Ho Holiday season is already around the corner and it’s time to start focusing on the things that are most important.

The strength of generosity helps you find ways to be generous without material gifts. Harness your strength of spirituality and take a moment to think about your values. Mighty exercises for generosity and spirituality help you get started!


Generosity is all about the willingness to give from your own to help someone else or to make someone happy. Being generous doesn’t require giving money or material things.

It is just as generous to give your help or your time to someone in need. Acts of generosity can – and should – be done for people you know and for total strangers too!


The essence of spirituality is the urge to deeply ponder and reflect on things and their meaning. You can use the character strength of spirituality by thinking about your values, priorities, or your own place in the world. Finding deep discussions meaningful is part of spirituality.

Exercises for generosity and spirituality

You don’t need to search far for generosity and spirituality exercises! You’ll find two awesome 20-minute exercises on the home page of your Mighty Library. Just login to your Mightifier account and click on the “Mightifier Library” button in the top right corner.