Mightifier app & benefits

What is Mightifier?

Mightifier is a positive education application and method that helps students to master social and emotional skills. Mightifier is based on positive psychology and character strengths. With Mightifier, students learn to give each other positive feedback based on character strengths. Regular “Mightifying” in the classroom decreases bullying, reduces stress and creates a safe and encouraging learning environment. Teachers can follow the development of student well-being with Mightifier Wellbeing Pulse.

What is the background of the program?

The secret behind Mightifier is the Finnish education system, and research in the field of positive psychology and character strengths. Mightifier was co-created with Finnish teachers and students and certified by Finnish EdTech quality verification service Kokoa Standard.

What are the benefits of Mightifier?

Mightifier develops a wide variety of 21st century skills.
Individual level benefits: empathy, self-esteem, relationship skills, self-awareness, personal responsibility, school enthusiasm, academic skills, optimistic thinking, stress relief.
Classroom level benefits: group cohesion, improved class atmosphere, reduced bickering and bullying, growth mindset, reduced conflicts, collaboration skills, less restlessness in the classroom, increased capacity to teach.

How does Mightifier improve social skills?

The idea of Mightifier is to find the positive in everyone’s behavior. Letting people know that they are responsible and appreciated for their actions has great value in personal development. In Mightifier, students practice character strengths and social skills like team work, self-regulation, social intelligence, honesty, and compassion. Students also must recognize those strengths from their friends’ behavior and write feedback about them. This process develops communication skills, personal responsibility and collaboration skills.

For which age groups is Mightifier designed?

Mightifier is mostly used in elementary schools on grades 2-6. Mightifier works best with students who can read and write and are able to understand the concept of character strengths, usually second graders and older, but every teacher knows their own class best. Mightifier also benefits younger students, if teachers allow a little more time to think and write.

What languages does Mightifier support?

Mightifier’s user interface is in English, Finnish and Swedish, but users are free to write the questions & answers in any language.

I have a tight schedule and don’t know if I have time to use Mightifier. How often should I do it to benefit from it?

Mightifying is fast and easy. Once Mightifying becomes a habit, each round takes about ten minutes, and we recommend using Mightifier at least two times a week. If you don’t have time to complete all lesson plans, use Mightifier just as a tool for positive feedback to get benefits with minimal effort.

How has Mightifier been endorsed?

• 1st prize at Nordic Female Angel Network’s Pitch Competition, Sep 2016
• 1st prize at City of Fukuoka (Japan) Pitch Competition at Europe’s leading startup event Slush, Nov 2016
• Grand Prix (the best in show) and Best Product prize at Vuoden Huiput (Finnish Design Competition), Apr 2017
• Best Design prize and shortlisted as a Most Innovative Product at Grand One (Finnish Design Competition), Apr 2017
• 1st prize at Arctic Pitching Competition, May 2017
• Winner of the Creative Business Cup Finland, Aug 2017
• 2nd prize at SULA Pitch, Sep 2017
• Finnish representative in Ideas from Europe Semi-Finals, Nov 2017
• Ideas from Europe Finalist, Apr 2018

Licenses, features & devices

Does Mightifier require a license?

Yes, Annual Mightifier licenses are priced per student and can be purchased at the class, school or city level.

What is included in the Mightifier license?

Unlimited use of the Mightifier app, Mightifier Wellbeing Pulse, and Mightifier teaching materials, including printable strength cards, discussion guides and lesson plans.

Do you offer training for teachers starting to use Mightifier?

We are more than happy to offer training to get you started. Please contact our team to hear more about the training options we offer. The app also includes tutorials to get you started.

What devices does Mightifier work on?

Mightifier supports all devices with an internet connection and a web browser. You can use Mightifier on laptops, smartphones and tablet-devices. We support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox browsers.

Do we need to have a device for everyone to use Mightifier?

Logging in and out is quick and easy, so a whole class can use Mightifier even with one device!

Can we order any posters or other merchandise?

Let us know your interest in Mightifier posters when you contact our team to purchase a license.

Problems with registering

How can I start Mightifying?

You can start your Mightifier trial by registering here. After you register, our team will contact you to help you purchase a Mightifier license.

What if I omitted one of my students or mistyped someone’s name?

You can edit the student list of your class on your teacher’s account at https://admin.mightifier.com. Just type in a new name and add the student to your class. Students’ name can be edited by clicking on the name.

Do I have to add all my students immediately, or can I do it later?

We recommend that you add all your students at the same time. You can add or delete students later if necessary at https://admin.mightifier.com

When I try to open My cards-sheet, it doesn’t work?

Please note that the cards-sheet opens in a new tab. If it hasn’t opened, please try with another browser: Chrome, Safari, Edge or Firefox.

Several teachers from my school registered, but we typed the name of our school differently. Does this matter?

Yes, it does if you wish to follow the wellbeing development on a school level. You can edit the name of the school on the teacher’s account at admin.mightifier.com

Positive pedagogy and Mightifying

How much time does Mightifying take?

Opening a Mightifier round is quick and easy. A new round can be opened in the matter of seconds. A mightifier round takes about 5-10 minutes. If you wish, you can exercise positive feedback and character strengths even more thoroughly with Mightifier teaching materials and lesson plans.

There are students in my class who don’t have any friends. How do I make sure they get positive feedback too?

Mightifier will take care of that for you! In Mightifier, the default setting is a Mightifier-round in a random order. This means that everyone in the class gives and gets as much feedback as everyone else. Everyone matters, just as they are!

Some students behave so inappropriately that other students are having difficulties saying something positive about them. What should I do?

The ideology behind Mightifier and character strengths is that everyone of us is valuable and has different strength sets. It’s important to explain to students that everyone has all the character strengths, but we use them differently in different situations. Encourage your students to be creative with feedback. If a classmate behaves poorly in school, could it be that they are persistent, brave or curious in hobbies for example? Highlighting strengths will lead to using them more!

I prefer some character strengths to others. Do I have to teach them all?

A teacher can always pick the strength set that they want to use in their class. You don’t have to teach all strengths, but we highly recommend using a wider selection. Each strength has its own qualities and none of them are more important than others. Every one has all of them, even though everyone has different top strengths.

Positive education is a completely new thing to me and I feel I need more support. Is there any training available?

In addition to materials and lesson plans, we offer different training by experienced education specialists. We can customize training to your needs. Please be in touch with us and we will see what kind of training set would be the most suitable for your needs!

How do I know what are a specific student’s character strengths?

We all have all 27 character strengths. Depending on the situation and the phase of life, our top strengths are changing. All character strengths can be practiced and developed so they are not fixed traits. Regular Mightifying produces a strength profile for each student. It is the perfect tool for recognizing everyone’s top strengths or for finding strengths you want to keep improving.

How quickly can I see the impact of improved social skills in students’ test scores?

It depends on the class, and the ways and frequency of use of Mightifier. Mightifier Wellbeing Pulse is a great way to follow class wellbeing development. In the long run, improved social skills and overall wellbeing will lead to better learning outcomes.

Why don’t feedback messages get through to my students?

If you have done a feedback round and the feedback didn’t get through to your students, there’s a high probability that your student’s internet connection has dropped. Please check the connection from your student’s devices and refresh the page.

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