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About Mightifier

What is Mightifier?

Mightifier is a positive school culture program that helps getting rid of isolation and bullying by teaching character development and social skills.

Mightifier includes:

  • Social-emotional learning skills development
  • Wellbeing data & insights
  • Support material for improvement

Mightifier is based on positive pedagogy and character strengths. With Mightifier, students learn to give each other positive feedback based on character strengths.

Regular “Mightifying” in the classroom decreases bullying, reduces stress and creates a safe and encouraging learning environment.

Who is Mightifier for?

Social-emotional learning and character development have no age limits!

However, giving and receiving strength feedback with Mightifier requires basic reading and writing skills.

Mightifier support materials help you get started with character development and social-emotional learning even before your students can read and write.

Mightifier comes with strength curriculum tailored for grades 1-6.

Team Mightifier is your tool, if you’d love to start team development through strength feedback at your workplace!

What is Mightifier based on?

The secret behind the program is the Finnish education system, and research in the field of positive psychology and character strengths.

Mightifier was co-created with Finnish teachers and students and has been certified by Finnish EdTech quality verification service Kokoa Standard.

What are the benefits of Mightifier?

With regular use of Mightifier your will:

  • Create safe & respectful learning environments
  • Detect isolation and bullying early
  • Create more & better relationships
  • Improve Mightifiers’ social skills
  • Find & use everyone’s character strengths

According to research, character building and social-emotional learning (SEL) have many positive effects:

  • Stress & anxiety level decreases
  • Wellbeing increases, also in the long run
  • Cognitive skills & learning outcomes are improved
  • Later in life academic & job performance improve
    Why is it called Mightifier?

    We want everyone to know how mighty they are – just as they are! By giving positive feedback to others, Mightifiers help their peers find their strengths.

    Mightifier is both the tool for appreciating your awesome peers, but also the name for everyone who does just that – makes their peers feel as mighty as they are!

    Purchasing Mightifier

    Can I try Mightifier?

    We’d love to help you try Mightifier! If you’d like to start a free 30 day trial just leave us your contact information here.

    How much Mightifier licences cost?

    Please contact us, if you are interested in acquiring Mightifier! We are more than happy to tailor package suitable specifically for your needs.

    Leave your contact information here or contact us directly via email hello@mightifier.com or by phone +358 40 542 6161 (Joakim).

    What languages do you support?

    Mightifier is currently availabe in English, Finnish & Swedish.

    Using Mightifier

    How to get started?

    If you’d like to start a free 30 day trial just leave us your contact information here. We’ll contact you with further instructions.

    If you already have a Mightifier licence, please follow the instructions provided together with the licence code. If you can’t find your instructions, please contact our customer service. We’re always happy to help!

    What devices Mightifier works on?

    Mightifier is browser-based so you can use it with any device with internet browser and internet connection: laptops, tablet-devices and smartphones.

    We support the newest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox browsers.

    Browser-based means that no installations and updating is needed. For this reason Mightifier can’t be found on the AppStore or Google Play.

    Is Mightifying time consuming?

    Mightifying is easy and fun! One Mightifier round usually takes about 5 minutes and can be a part of any lesson.

    Mightifier support materials have exercises for every situation: from quick 5 minute exercises to full 45 minute lesson plans!

    Do you offer training?

    All Mightifier licences include a training that helps you get started.

    Please contact us for other training packages. We offer a variety of training e.g. on positive education in schools or team building workshops for organizations!

    Common problems

    I forgot my password.

    You can retrieve a lost password on the login page. Click the “Forgot your password” text on the blue login box.

    You will then receive a link to your email which enables you to set a new password. If you don’t receive an email, we recommend to check your spam box as these messages may end up there!

    If you’re not sure which email address you used for the registration, contact our customer service for more help.

    I can't open a new Mightifier round.

    Make sure that your previous Mightifier round is closed. You are not able to open a new one before you publish the feedback from the previous round. Close the previous round by clicking “Publish feedback”.

    How to open a round when some students are absent?

    When opening a new Mightifier-round you can remove absent students from the round on the page where you see the feedback order.

    Press the (X) on the student’s name box. The name of the student will appear in the “Absent students” box. If you marked someone absent accidentally, just click on the name and the name card will re-appear in the present students’ list.

    My students can't see the feedback they received.

    Make sure you have published the feedback. Feedback messages will appear on the students’ profiles after teacher has checked and published them. Teacher can publish all messages at once by clicking the “Publish feedback” button.

    If the newest message doesn’t appear on the students profile right after publishing, it’s a good idea to refresh the page!

    I need to add or remove students from my class.

    Login to your teacher’s account here. You can add and remove students from your class. Click on the “My cards” button below your student list to access the login codes for new students.

    I can't change the language.

    The language switcher is located in the menu. Open the menu by clicking on the menu-symbol in the top left corner.

    Team Mightifier

    What is Team Mightifier?

    Team Mightifier is a team development tool for workplaces and other organizations.

    Team Mightifier includes

    • Strength feedback tool for structured strength based feedback
    • Team’s Wellbeing Pulse for insights on e.g. team appreciation, burden and engagement development
    • Team’s support material for boosting team meetings and self-learning
    What type of organizations can use Team Mightifier?

    Team Mightifier can be used by any organization that wants to help their members shine at work! 

    How much Team Mightifier licence costs?

    Please contact us, if you’re interested in teambuilding through strength feedback with Team Mightifier.

    Leave your contact information here, or contact Aliisa directly at aliisa@mightifier.com or +358 50 0863 688.

    We’d love to tell you more!

    Do you offer training?

    All Mightifier licences include a training that helps you get started.

    Please contact us for other training packages. We offer a variety of team building workshops for organizations and are more than happy to tailor a training to your needs!

    Where do I login?

    Login to your Team Mightifier account here.

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