The semester is soon ending and we know everyone is busy with evaluations!

That’s why we at Mightifier wanted to help you out and offer you free printable strength diplomas. With 27 different strengths you can easily print out these diplomas and hand them out to your students as the semester ends. Each diploma comes with an description of the strength. Just add the name of the recipient and your own signature!

Print free Strength Diplomas in English by clicking here!

For strength diplomas in Finnish, click here!

Try Mightifier for free in May!

Mightifier rounds will help you choose the perfect strength diploma for each of your students! In May you can try Mightifying for free, and make sure all your students get to end the semester knowing their strengths.

With Mightifier’s tool you can easily gather encouraging peer evaluations for each and every one of your students!

Wishing you awesome last weeks of the school year!

– Mightifier Team