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Do you know how your students are feeling and coping with distant learning?
Do you know how to keep up emotional closeness for students and maintain positive spirits?

The COVID-19 epidemic has made distant learning the only way to carry out schooling.
This has caused teachers and students a lot of stress, and left many, already vulnerable students in even more stressful situation.


Mightifier is a positive education program helping students to master social and emotional skills. Regular use of Mightifier app in the classroom or during remote learning creates a safe and encouraging learning environment, and reduces stress and decreases bullying.


Digital social-emotional learning tool creates safe & respectful learning enviornments.

Saves teachers’ time

Individual strength feedback to all students in minutes. Mightifier’s recommended SEL-lesson plans fit every class’s needs.

Measured impact

Data and insights on class, school & district levels for early-stage isolation and bullying detection and prevention.


Mightifier Well-being Pulse allows you to check how your students are doing and get alerts when anyone requires more support.

Mightifier Remote Teaching SEL exercises and strength message rounds from student to student and self-evaluation opportunities create a positive and engaging spirit for your students!

Mighty benefits

  • Safer learning environments
  • Early detection of isolation & bullying
  • More and better relations
  • Improved social skills
  • Character development

Mightifier provides teachers and students with a variety of materials to work together as well as independently. Here is an example video on how to work with elementary school students focusing on concentration, perseverance and self-regulation skills.

Video done in partnership with wonderful people of wikiHow

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