GDPR must be the most popular bunch of letters in the technology field at the moment. Does the combination mean anything to you? It comes from the words General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR is the EU Data Protection regulation that will replace the previous Directive on Data Protection. The regulation aims for improving the security of personal data handling. GDPR is strengthening the rights users have regarding their personal data in service providers’ systems and special attention is given to the personal data of children.

For us at Mightifier users’ data security has always been a priority – every step of the way! Do you think it’s necessary to have your full name, address and picture attached to the positive feedback you send? Neither do we! That’s why Mightifier users are registered with their first names or nicknames only. Besides, the students love the emoji-like avatars that replace profile pictures – and the avatars can be changed as many times as you want to!

Student’s view in Mightifier – Juhani is a demo student!

The transition period to enforce GDPR will end in May 2018. Hence many people have started to become more and more aware of the data security of the services they use. It’s good to note, that for any entity handling any personal data GDPR readiness is not a matter of choice or convenience. GDPR is a binding EU regulation and everyone is required to follow it – as the case has always been with the previous Personal Data Act too!

Because the matters of information safety are a priority to us, we have made sure that everyone working at Mightifier has received the necessary data handling and GDPR training. All the steps of our data handling processes – from safe connections and servers to access rights – make sure that the data users put into our systems will be safe with us.

Team Mightifier would like to wish you all a wonderful month of May! And please remember – our team is always happy to answer any questions you might have!