Free grouping exercises 

We at Mightifier know how important grouping is in the beginning of the school year! That’s why we’d like to offer you our free grouping exercises. Start the new semester on a positive note with grouping exercises for every day of the first week of school!

A positive and stimulating classroom atmosphere is mostly made through everyday practices. Positive group dynamics should be supported through various exercises, especially in situations of change, such as when a new student starts his/her studies or when a class returns to study after a leave. Group dynamics are always the sum of its participants, so the change of one member is significant.

Goals of grouping

The aim is to enable members of the group to get to know each other more deeply, help them work with each other, increase their sense of security, and create an open atmosphere in the classroom where they have the courage to suggest and make mistakes.

By favoring functional and participatory exercises, it is possible to strengthen the sense of cohesiveness of the students and thereby engage them in school work. In this grouping package you will find weekly exercises to increase interaction and a positive atmosphere. Of course, you may want to carry out the exercises in the time period you prefer or customize the tasks to suit your group. The exercises can also be extended to lessons by discussing goals and awakened feelings and thoughts.

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Mightifier is a Finnish SEL-program based on positive psychology and character strengths. Mightifier improves social-emotional skills and helps in building positive school culture.

Character development

Safe learning environments

Reducing bullying and loneliness

Improved social and emotional skills

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Mightifier helps build class atmosphere and positive school culture during the entire school year. You can now try Mightifier for free and see the mighty impact on social skills and class atmosphere yourself. Mightifier comes from the education superpower Finland and is based on positive pedagogy and character strengths.