COVID-19 changed school routines globally. Teachers needed to take a giant leap in digitalization overnight. Students found themselves suddenly without classmates alone at home, each coping with different amounts of anxiety and stress watching their parents struggle with their own fear of the unknown. 

Two things are certain in the coming weeks and months: there is a tremendous need to focus on students’ social-emotional learning (SEL) and mental well-being. At the same time, teaching situations in schools are likely to change rapidly from In-Class to Remote Learning to a variety of hybrid models combining both elements. 

At the moment, we do not know when we need to transition from In-Class to Remote Learning and probably back again. The transition from one learning environment to another is more than likely to become the new normal. We need to ensure that we support the students as well as is possible from the SEL point of view, too.

That is why we created the Mightifier Flipped-SEL solution. It means that the same pedagogical SEL and wellbeing content is tailored and ready-to-go to all teaching situations: from In-Class to Remote Learning.

If you already are a Mightifier user, you will be able to enjoy the extended content immediately. 

With Mightifier Flipped-SEL solution students work on their SEL competencies with the same principles as in the Flipped Classroom. They have an active role in their learning process; they need to work independently and take responsibility. Teacher’s role is to create interactive learning experiences with the ready-made content and easy-to-use tools. 

Mightifier Flipped-SEL™ has three core elements:
1. SEL lessons and exercises which can be done in-class, taught online or used as homework.
2. Character Strength Peer and Self-Evaluation Messages, which build a digital Character Development profile with statistics.
3. Tracking tools, which follow students’ well-being development and provide teachers with alerts for early signs of isolation or anxiousness. 

CASEL’s five competencies of social-emotional learning (SEL) are promoted in the following ways: 

Self-awareness: Mightifier pedagogical materials provide lesson plans for students to recognize and manage their emotions and also recognize strengths in themselves and others. Self-awareness creates confidence which builds a growth mindset. This is needed especially in demanding and changing situations like the current one, which can be frustrating to many.

Social awareness: As students learn more about each other’s character, they start to appreciate each other more. Mightifier materials include many opportunities for interactive learning situations in small groups, which in turn enhance appreciation of the diversity of their peers. 

Responsible decision-making: COVID-19 has increased the need to understand the consequences of one’s actions. Students must consider making wise choices in their personal behaviour and social interactions. Responsible decision making also applies to participating in respectful group activities and completing one’s work remotely. 

Self-management: Students need to manage their time and stress levels, control potential impulses and stay focused on their assignments, all which require discipline under normal circumstances, let alone in these extreme situations. In a Flipped concept, students work more independently, they have more responsibility to set their personal goals.   

Relationship skills: Interactive assignments in small group settings work well for relationship building between diverse individuals. In Mightifier exercises, there are a lot of creative tasks where team members can shine, bring their own character strength forward and articulate their thoughts.  

Mightifier Flipped-SEL™ will support you through the changing learning situations in this coming school year and onwards.

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