Welcome to our Mighty News of January to find out fresh tips to use Mightifier program and learn new ideas to put character strengths in action in your classroom!

Tip 1. The easiest way to access Mightifier is to create a web page shortcut icon to your home screen. If you don’t know how to do that, just google your device and browser + “creating shortcut icon” and you surely will find good instructions! And psst… We are always happy to help!

Tip 2. After the long holiday season, grouping is needed in the classroom! Form pairs in your class and tell about one of your top strengths to your partner. After that, give Mightifier feedback with the “Students Choose” feature in a way that each student chooses their discussion partner as a feedback receiver. Then students give Mightifier feedback based on what they remember from the discussion – this is also a listening exercise!

The Strength of January is Self-regulation! Self-regulation helps you start to work and to stay focused.. even when you really don’t feel like it! Self-regulation is needed also to control your emotions.

Count to 20. This exercise for self-regulation can be done with a small group of people or with a large class or team. Gather close to one another and take a seat or lay down on the floor. The goal is to count to 20. One person can say one number at a time. If two people say the number at the same time, you have to start over! Did you manage to get to 20?

First users of Team Mightifier, our new workplace wellbeing tool, will start in January. If you are keen to learn how to harness the power of positive feedback to benefit your workplace too, please contact us. We are happy to tell more!

You can start your summer shape up project by helping others instead of going to gym? Or at least according to this research helping others might have similar positive effects as working out!

The Mightifier Team wishes you a Mighty January!