This week, we announced happy news for hundred lucky primary school classes in Finland. Teachers had a chance to apply for a program sponsored by a pension insurance company Elo. The chosen hundred classrooms will get to use Mightifier for free. Isn’t that awesome?


The teachers had to answer a couple of questions: Why do they need Mightifier? What do they think they could achieve with the help of Mightifier? How would they benefit from the app? The applications were so heartbreaking that it was almost an impossible task to choose just hundred. Of course, we knew already that we have quite amazing teachers in Finland, but after reading their reasonings… Well, teachers seem to care about their classes a lot and here are some things they wrote about their students:

”The kids are amazing; everyone is a unique and great student. I would like to give them a language of strengths and gesture of friendliness. I would like to create one tight team from my students. Mightifier teaches skills that carry their whole lifetime!”

“The app could bring an additional boost on our journey to be even better friends to each other as well as better people for the future.”

“Sometimes it can be a little difficult to discuss with classmates, and praising each other is even harder. It’s also tough to describe one’s personal strengths. As a teacher, I have been trying to integrate positive pedagogy into my class. The job is not easy, and help is always very welcomed. New ideas and fresh materials would be a big thing for me!”

“We saw Mightifier in the news, and my students told me: Hey teacher, we need that. We would be able to give positive feedback without feeling embarrassed.”

“My students sometimes have too modest perceptions about their possibilities to influence their future. They need a system that motivates them to recognize their strengths.”

Our goal is that every kid will know that they matter. We can’t achieve that on our own, but luckily there are a lot of motivated teachers willing to raise children with healthy self-esteems and fantastic social skills. However, teachers need tools for their challenging jobs.


With Elo’s program, approximately 2000 kids will get a chance to learn about their strengths and improve their self-esteem. It is a very great start!