In March our Mightifier Strength of the Month is enthusiasm. It’s all about having a positive attitude about something and making everyone else excited too. Zest is another word for enthusiasm, and it’s about experiencing life with excitement. As always, we want to help you practice our strength of the month. Here are three tips for practicing enthusiasm in the classroom, workplace or at home:

More physical exercise

Research has linked physical exercising and the feelings of enthusiasm. People who report higher levels of physical activity, report also higher levels of enthusiasm. And no matter what their normal level of physical activity is, people report higher levels of enthusiasm on the days when they are physically more active than usual.

This means boosting your enthusiasm can be as easy as taking a 5-minute-workout in the middle of the work or school day. Do a few jumping jacks or put on your favorite song and dance like you’ve never danced before. Recess is the perfect time to get your heart pumping during the school day! Ask all your classmates to join in a quick game of soccer or tag during the recess. And remember to give Mightifier feedback to your friends about the strengths they used during the games!

Fun facts about your favorite subjects

It’s cool to like school! Take a moment to think what your favorite school subjects are and make a list of top three. Which subjects are you feeling this spring? Take those subjects and hit the library or Google once a week to learn something fun about tose topics on your own!

You might for example love geography. Has your teacher ever mentioned a certain small Scandinavian country called Finland? Well, maybe you could take a few minutes to search for “Fun facts about Finland” to learn something the teacher didn’t cover in class. Here’s one to start with: Finland was chosen as the happiest country in the World in March 2018. And it’s the home country of Mightifier… but this you probably already knew!

Take part in things you normally wouldn’t

Many people have habits and hobbies in their life that they are enthusiastic about.  But sometimes repeating the same routine over and over again is not the most exciting thing. Here’s an idea: try at least once a lot of things you normally wouldn’t. Even if you’re not a hard-core hiker, there’s no reason why you couldn’t go on a small Sunday hike. Or ask a few friends to start a book club with you, at least for one book!

It’s totally fine if these trials don’t become habits! It’s fun enough to try something new. What’s the worst that could happen? Having a good laugh after you proved that knitting really isn’t for you? Doesn’t sound too bad to us! Especially when the best-case scenario is that you’ll find a new hobby that brings you joy in many years to come!

“If gratitude is for the past, hope is for the future,
zest, therefore, is for the present.”

Quote: Park, N., Peterson, C., Seligman, M. E. (2004).
 Strengths of character and well-being.
 Journal of social and Clinical Psychology, 23(5), 603-619.