Mightifier is a tool especially for teachers’ benefit. We have created the application together with teachers and of course, are interested how they see Mightifying making a difference. We asked one of our users, Anssi Iivonen from Espoo Karamzin School what kind of benefits he perceives there comes with Mightifier. Mr. Iivonen has been using Mightifier nearly one year with his class.

Mr. Iivonen reports more joy in his class room nowadays. “Students’ self-esteem and self-confidence strengthens, when they receive positive feedback from their character traits and successes from various directions”, says Mr. Iivonen. He has seen that after practicing with Mightifier, positive messaging between students can be seen in other school activities as well.

Mightifier improves the team spirit of the class. “We haven’t had any major bullying cases this year. Smaller quarrels we’ve solved by keeping the situations positive for example by reflecting the strengths and good qualities of the other person in the argument.”

When asked if Mr. Iivonen has noticed some pleasant consequences for himself, he tells about more positive attitude in situations, which earlier seemed unpleasant.

“When you consciously pay attention to what is great and what works in the class, it can improve your well-being at work, as well.”

Mr. Iivonen mentions that they had a strong collective experience by trying Mightifying also amongst the personnel of Karamzin School. As students often do, also teachers remembered encouraging messages from their colleagues afterwards.

One of our goals at Mightifier is to help teachers to create ideal working environment not only for the students, but for themselves too. It is essential that both have a chance to build their skills and knowledge in a peaceful and enjoyable working environment.