through strength feedback

Team Mightifier includes

Strength Feedback Tool

For structured strength-based feedback routine.

Team's Wellbeing Pulse

For insights on e.g. team appreciation, burden and engagement development.

Team's Support Materials

For boosting team meetings and self-learning.

Mightifiers shine
at work

How’s your team doing?

“Getting positive feedback through Mightifier made all the difference. Our team came together, supporting and encouraging each other along the way. It definitely lighted up the dark and gloomy Finnish winter.”

Sini, user

“I recommend Team Mightifier for others! The tool offers a chance to give genuine praise to others without that awkward feeling. With the help of Team Mightifier, it feels natural to give feedback in other situations as well, like after a good meeting with a colleague.”

Maarit, admin

“Receiving positive feedback felt nice, but the giving part felt maybe even better! Mightifier had clear positive impact on our team spirit.”

Jessica, user

“Mightifier was an easy way to enhance feedback giving and help employees to recognize own and team members’ strengths.”

Veera, Team leader

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