Today on November 13th we are celebrating the World Kindness Day. We want to challenge you to celebrate with us! Start this Mightifier Kindness Challenge with your class or team. Let’s make the world even kinder place together!

What you’ll need:

How it works:

Decide a time frame for your challenge. The idea is that for one day the entire class will focus on one challenge task at a time. You can decide whether the challenge is in place only during school hours or also after school. In that case you can asses the success the next morning.

The entire class tries to complete the challenge together. After each day of the challenge, the class will asses their success. If the entire class agrees that the mission was successful, you can add a sticker or a stamp to mark the success. If you didn’t really succeed, you can continue with that specific task some other day too.

When all ten challenge tasks have been completed, you have finished the challenge successfully! Teacher can hand out the Mightifier Kindness Diploma for everyone in the class!

Challenge tasks

  1. Say hi to everyone in the class.
  2. Thank the school bus driver or the cafeteria personnel.
  3. Offer to help someone.
  4. Smile to someone in the hallway.
  5. Include everyone during recess.
  6. Compliment someone.
  7. Open the door for someone.
  8. Say something encouraging to a friend.
  9. Focus on your friends in stead of your phone.
  10. Help clean out the classroom.

Have fun with the Mightifier Kindness Challenge!

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