December 4th, 2018

Finnish education technology company Mightifier presented its positive school culture program to the United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination, Fabrizio Hochschild.


Mr. Hochschild and Mightifier visited the English School of Helsinki to see Mightifying take place in the classroom, and to discuss the importance of 21st century skills with the students, teachers and principal. As a surprise to Mr. Hochschild the students also Mightified him. The students chose character strengths hope, bravery and self-care for Assistant Secretary-General Hochschild.


“That is very accurate. These are the strengths we aspire to use in the United Nations. We are working hard to improve the world and it’s not always easy, so you need the combination of hope, bravery and self-care,” Mr. Hochschild noted.


“We really value the fact that Mightifier encourages the students to engage in positive communication with peers they might not interact with otherwise. We can see the positive behavior spread outside of the devices too,” says Marja Kokko, 6th grade teacher from the English School of Helsinki.


“Character strengths are universal and equal. It’s very important that we learn to highlight little girls’ bravery, persistence and leadership skills. As well as little boys can be great in humility”, comments Mervi Pänkäläinen, Mightifier’s Founder and CEO.


Mightifier program aims to improve the psychological safety in schools, because every child deserves a safe and encouraging learning environment. Lack of psychological safety in schools can lead to bullying, decreased self-esteem or losing hope for the future. Finding everyone’s strengths equally and developing 21st century skills helps to build a better future.


Mightifier program boosts positive relationships and decreases isolation and bullying. Mightifier helps students master active empathy when giving positive feedback to one another based on 27 character strengths, including teamwork, persistence, creativity and compassion. Teachers can use a special strength-based curriculum to enhance wellbeing development in their classes and wellness surveys and data dashboards provide actionable insights for educators and school leaders.


About Mightifier:  Award winning Mightifier is an active empathy program to develop positive school culture. It’s based on positive psychology research and has been co-created together with Finnish educators and students. Outside Finland, the program has been raising attention especially in the Asian market and it has just launched in the US this fall. Mightifier has been selected as one of the best Ideas from Europe and has represented Finland in the Global Finals of Creative Business Cup and Nordic EdTech Award competitions in 2017. Previously it has also received the prestigious Webby and Red Dot Design Awards.



For additional information please contact:

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