Did you know we’ve made awesome new additions to Mightifier Team during the spring? Our team has recently gotten even stronger in the areas of sales, tech development and pedagogy. That’s why it was a perfect time for Mightifier Team Day!

Our Team Day was filled with inspiring workshops, getting to know our colleagues, and relaxing together. We started the day by taking some team pictures in our brand new I’m a Mightifier shirts. We tried to take a jump shot too, but you can imagine how that turned out. We didn’t capture any awesome jump shots but we sure did have some good laughs while trying!

After having some breakfast together it was time to start the first workshop of the day. All mighty team members had previously completed the OPQ Personality test. It was eye opening to see how a group of individuals work together as a team. In the future we can e.g. use the Six Thinking Hats technique to ensure using our full potential!

The afternoon was kicked off with a value workshop. We discussed our five values and made some clarifications to them when needed. One that didn’t need any tweaking was our value number one: Mightifying is caring – everything we do with others leaves them with a big smile! With updated values it was easy to start working on our strategy for the next few years. Can’t wait to see all those steps come true!

After a day of hard work it was time to relax! We started the process with a cleansing karaoke session. Who knew we had such karaoke talents in our team?! The Team Day ended with a delicious dinner in restaurant Shelter. Our table was filled with laughter as we came up with potential occupations for our colleagues based on their looks.

Thanks to the entire Mightifier team for a wonderful Team Day!
Special thanks go to Mighty Spirit Mervi and Mighty Hype Aliisa for organizing the day!