The circumstances relating to COVID-19 and sudden jump into remote learning have been demanding to everyone. Mightfier wanted to support the teachers in Finland and shared free Strength Diplomas in four languages for rewarding their students. So far, almost 90.000 Diplomas have been printed out for the students.

“We are thrilled to realise how many Finnish students are being recognised for their wonderful personal character”, says Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO from Mightfier.

“The Diplomas cover 27 different kinds of strengths and are available in four languages, English, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish. All teachers need to do is to add the student’s name and their own name.”

Students’ personal skills and characteristics recognised

Mightifier is a positive education program helping students to master social and emotional skills. Regular use of the Mightifier program in the classroom or during remote learning creates a safe and encouraging learning environment and reduces anxiety and stress, which build the basis for learning outcomes.

“These unprecedented times we felt that not only the academic achievements should be recognised, but also the perseverance and other personal characteristics should be rewarded. For sure this spring has forced us all to find new strengths within ourselves”, continues Pänkäläinen

Social-emotional learning is an integral part of education

Mightifier Remote Teaching SEL exercises and strength message rounds from student to student and self-evaluation opportunities create a positive and engaging spirit for your students.

“These encouraging peer-to-peer strength messages have become extremely important to students this spring. If a student has been unable to participate in a specific round for any personal reason, their parent has contacted the teacher asking to still be included.”

Mightifier program is designed to support teachers in their efforts to help students in their social-emotional learning. The program works on a daily basis through SEL and well-being lesson plans and a Well-being Pulse that allows the teacher to check how their students are doing and get alerts when anyone requires more support.

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