December is almost here and it’s time to prepare this year’s Christmas calendars. Here is a great tip for all the teachers out there: create a Mighty Christmas Calendar with positive feedback! Let our awesome CEO Mervi explain how it’s done.

1. Print out the Christmas Calendar Template here: Christmas Calendar – Joulukalenteri (available in English and Finnish)
2. Fill the calendar with the names of the students in your class. You can have more than one student on each day.
3. Open the Mighty Christmas Calendar daily: open a Mightifier round and in stead of randomizing the order let students choose who they give feedback to.
4. All students give feedback to the classmate whose name is on the calendar today. That student receives feedback from every classmate.
5. Enjoy the wonderful impact of positive feedback!
Each student gets a pile of positive messages as an early Christmas gift. What could be better than that?

Have Fun Mightifying!