2018 has been an amazing year! At Mightifier our year was all about growing, improving and getting even more international. Here are 8 mighty highlights or 2018:


1. Mightifier team grew bigger and stronger in 2018!

The team made new recruitments in many areas, including technical development, pedagogy and sales. At Mightifier we practice what we preach – hence Mightifier rounds (both positive feedback rounds and wellbeing pulse) have been activated regularly at the office! More about our Team Day here.


2. Introducing Mightifier to United Nations ASG Hochschild

In the beginning of December we had a great pleasure to introduce Mightifier to United Nations Assistant Secretary-General, Mr. Fabrizio Hochschild. As a surprise, the students of The English School of Helsinki also Mightified Mr. Hochschild. Read more about the visit and why students chose hope, bravery and self-care to Mr. Hochschild here.


3. Mightifier and Sunburst Digital partnered to bring SEL to schools in the US

We were thrilled to announce that Mightifier is launching its positive school culture program in elementary schools across the US, through its partnership with Sunburst Digital. Mightifier is part of Sunburst’s SafeSchools, an initiative designed to support urgent priorities in social and emotional learning (SEL), mental health, and school safety.

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Minister of Education of Finland was present as the contract was signed. “Positive school culture has a big role in teaching broad-based competencies, including life skills”, Grahn-Laasonen noted.


4. Piloting Team Mightifier for building positive organization culture

2018 was an exciting year on the product development front! One of the reasons was that we started developing and piloting our positive leadership tool for organizations. How can you teach social skills, and create safe and encouraging learning environment for your students if you don’t work in one? If your team would love to participate in the co-creation of Team Mightifier you can read more here (only in Finnish) or contact our team through the yellow chat button!


5. Mightifier is one of the best Ideas from Europe

© Twycer / www.twycer.nl

In April twelve most innovative European business ideas were introduced at the Ideas from Europe finals. Mightifier was among the best dozen to take the stage in The Hague, Netherlands! On the same trip we had a chance to present Mightifier to Dutch educators at the Embassy of Finland in the Hague.


6. Mightifier and ACER partnered to bring safe and encouraging learning environments to schools in the Nordic countries

We were thrilled to announce that all ACER for Education devices provided to elementary schools in Finland will come with a free trial of Mightifier program. Both Mightifier and ACER Finland believe that every child deserves a safe and encouraging learning environment. Lack of psychological safety in schools can lead to bullying, decreased self-esteem or even depression. The hard technology of ACER and the soft skills of Mightifier form a perfect combination for finding students’ strengths and developing 21st century skills to helps us to build a better future together.


7. Exporting Finnish Education

Internationalization was one of the main themes of our Mighty year 2018! We entered new markets and trained teachers around the world, including Asia and Middle East. Mightifier was also featured in one of the main Finnish TV news in a segment about Finnish Education export. You can watch the segment (in Finnish) here!


8. Mightifier is now browser-based

In 2018 Mightifier became browser-based! We wanted to make sure that all teachers and students can access the program – no matter what devices they have in the classroom. One of the many benefits of a browser-based program is that we can offer updates and faster than before! Mightifier team has been working hard at improving the program and can’t wait to launch our new and improved teaching materials, wellbeing questionnaires and so much more in 2019!

Big thanks for an awesome year to you for sharing the journey with us! We are looking forward to 2019 being even more awesome!


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