Hey our mighty friends!

Here in Finland, the home country of Mightifier, all the schools have a winter break around these times. That’s why we wanted to share some awesome holiday activities where you can use your strengths too. And the best part is: you can do any of these even if you are not on a winter break!


❄️ Show some love!

Visit your grandparents, other relatives or friends and tell them how much they mean to you. And if your loved ones live far away, luckily you can always call, Skype or FaceTime them. Or write a letter and use the traditional snail mail! We guarantee that receiving a hand written letter will make your grandma smile!

❄️ Do seasonal arts & crafts!

Use your appreciation of beauty in a seasonal arts project! Whether you live in a snowy area or not, snowflake banners will give a wintery feel to any room. Snowflakes are easy to make: just fold a square piece of paper a few times and cut some patterns in the folded paper. Every snowflake will be unique, but just as beautiful!

❄️ Care for yourself with some fresh air!

Go outside and care for yourself with some fresh air! Go on a hike in the mountains or stroll in the forest. Or if you live in a snowy area, go sledding, skating or skiing! Did you know that cross country skiing and ice skating are sports that Finnish students do in PE classes?

❄️ Humor yourself with a comedy movie!

Have a movie night with friends or family. Choose some comedy movies to watch and laugh the night away! Did you know that good laughter has similar positive effects on your health as jogging does? Laughter also releases some happiness hormones so you’ll feel better after a good laugh!


We hope you enjoy these mighty tips!

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