Hi all Mightifiers and welcome to the Mighty News!

The summer has flown by very fast and August is here. In many parts of the world this means that it’s back to school time. At Mightifier we couldn’t be more excited to start a new semester! This Mighty Newsletter has the newest tips and ideas for you to start the new semester with a bang!

Back to school – freebies

Our Mighty Back to school-pack helps you in the beginning of the school year. It’s an important back to school routine to recap the summer break. Use our awesome form for talking about the summer break through everyone’s strengths. There’s also a cool Mightifier class schedule template for you to print out. Use the one in English (or in Finnish here) or print the plain one and write the texts in your own language!

Print out and enjoy

Mighty Summer Break handout

Mightifier Class Schedule

Plain Mightifier Schedule without any text

Mightifier Back to School materials and lesson plan


In July the Mightifier strength of the month was spirituality. Spirituality is about trying to find the meaning of things and life. It is not the same as religiousness, even though there are often spiritual contents in religiousness too. Did you see the cool breathing exercise we shared for practicing your strength of spirituality? Check it out here to relax your way into the new routines of the school year!

It’s been a lovely summer here in Finland where Mightifier headquarters is located. July offered tons of chances to practice our appreciation of beauty. Among them were the light nights and the rare lunar eclipse. Did you catch it in the end of July?

… you can now mightify on any device? Our browser-based app is live! Contact us if you’d like to trial Mightifier for free for 30 days! If you love Mightifier like thousands of other users around the world, you can keep Mightifying after the trial by purchasing a yearly licence!

Have a mighty semester!