Welcome to the Mighty News of June!  In every Mighty Newsletter we will wrap up all the tips and ideas for practicing character strengths and using Mightifier and also, sharing some new ones, too!

Switching to browser-based Mightifier

In June we closed our native iOS and Android apps and moved all Mightifying to our new browser-based application. If you have been a Mightifier before this transition, no worries! Your account is still up and running. You just have to head out to our new login page and reset your password. Then you’re all set to print out new login codes and keep on Mightifying.


In June our Strength of the Month was cautiousness. It’s all about careful consideration. We shared a mighty lesson plan with you to help your students estimate when cautiousness is necessary. You can find the lesson plan and a free printable to go with it here.

Mightifier Team Day

Mightifer Team is getting bigger and stronger and that’s why it was time to have a Mightifier Team Day. We worked hard on our team, values and strategy, and rewarded ourselves with some relaxing in the evening. Keep an eye on our blog and you’ll hear more about our team day soon!

… appreciation is super beneficial at work too? Read more here.