Welcome to the Mighty News of May!  In every Mighty Newsletter we will wrap up all the tips and ideas for practicing character strengths and using Mightifier and also, sharing some new ones, too!

Strength diplomas

School year is about to be over and teachers are busy with evaluations. We wanted to help you with your positive evaluations and made free strength diplomas for you to hand out to your students. There are 27 different diplomas – one for each Mightifier character strength. Just print, select recipients and we guarantee you’ll make your students happy! You can find the diplomas here.


Being generous has a tremendous positive impact on so many things! You can read more on the blog by our Mighty-Aliisa here. You know generosity doesn’t require giving money, right? Could you e.g. be more generous with your time? Maybe you could volunteer in organizing an interesting event, spent more time with your grandparents or even mentor a junior employee?

Browser-based Mightifier is here!

The highly requested browser-based Mightifier app is ready for all our users. Starting from June all Mightifying will take place in the new web app and native iOS and Android-apps will be shut down. We have contacted all our customers to inform how old account can be accessed in the new app too.

Please remember, that you can always contact us if you need any help with this new step! It’s easy to contact our customer service through the chat-button in the bottom right corner.

… being generous makes the giver happy too? Read more here!

Have a Mighty rest of the school year!