2016 is almost at the end and it’s time to think back to the most memorable experiences of the year. For me, one was definitely my first Slush. Let’s remember yet again how it was from Mightifier’s perspective.

The headline quote is from Slush welcome poster at Helsinki airport. I have to say that surprisingly many had been brave enough to be badasses and travel to Helsinki in the middle of the darkest season in Finland. It was awesome to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world who were interested in the same matters as we are: kids’ wellbeing and innovative education.


We were flattered about the notice that so many at Slush had already heard about us. And hopefully the amount got even bigger after the event. We were really grateful to get such positive media coverage (unfortunately all items are in Finnish). The Finnish Trade Union of Education wrote about three learning innovations and Mightifier was honoured to be one of them (1). Also Kauppalehti wanted to discuss our research pilots and social impact with our Mighty Wise, Suvi (2). Suvi described i.a. how Mightifier has, according to our pilots, highly positive impact to the class team spirit.


Our Mighty Wise Suvi presenting the value of impact

In addition to these great articles, both Suvi and our CEO Mervi got invites to video interviews. Kuntalehti consulted Suvi (3) about social skills, Finland’s new curriculum reform and Mightifier’s impact. Mervi and Linda Liukas had a nice chat about innovations for children with Fanny, who delivers news for kids at HS Lastenuutiset (4). Mervi shared a touching story about a boy who got nice feedback from his classmate through Mightifier. After reading the feedback, boy started to cry and claimed that he didn’t deserve that nice feedback. It really seems that we have a big challenge to beat in kids’ self-esteems. ”If you can boost self-esteem in six year old, that is scalable change” said Linda Liukas and we totally agree!


Mervi and Linda Liukas discussing innovations for children

Mervi also got to attend two pitching competitions and well, what else could I say than that she definitely rocked the stage and managed to achieve the first place both times. First one was a playful poll at the Slush edtech pre-event and second was a little bit more significant. Japanese city Fukuoka arranged a pitching competition and their first prize was Fukuoka Startup Package including flights, accomodation and office space for one year in Japan. We are still debating who will be the lucky one to go! (5).

So altogether, Slush was really eventful experience and I’m amazed how many great occasions and lovely meetings there was during couple days. I’m really looking forward to next year – and to get as many kids Mightified as possible. I’ve got a chance to see how huge impact positive feedback might have. My resolution for New Year is to remember the impact and give others even more praise during 2017. Will you join me in the resolution?


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