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Nordic School in Peru: Big impact seen with 4-5 years after 3 months of remote SEL

Nordic International School of Lima is a new school currently focusing on early childhood education, teaching 4 to 5 years old students remotely online. Mightifier and Nordic School started to collaborate in early March on social-emotional pedagogical content. The school has already seen a very positive impact of SEL lessons in the students’ learning.

Teacher Silvia Kcomt has been teaching in the school since the opening. A big impact has already been seen in the development of the social-emotional skills of the small students. 

“Already in three months my students have gained better self-awareness and have already learned to recognise and tell about their own strengths. The most remarkable impact has however been the emotional development we have seen in the students”, tells Kcomt.

Silvia Kcomt, teacher at the Nordic International School of Lima, in Peru.


“They have learned to recognise and name their emotions and to show empathy and compassion towards themselves and one another. For example, when we talked about fear they started sharing their tips for each other about how to overcome fears which shows a huge improvement in both emotional understanding as well as social skills”. 

Since all of the lessons are currently held online with a video connection to the students, this huge improvement has impressed Kcomt and the rest of the school staff hugely.  Managing to keep the small students engaged in online learning is challenging in any situation, but with Mightifier stories, it has been successful beyond expectations.

The stories about Mighty Bear and Brave Bird have fascinated our students. We have a Mightifier lesson every morning and the students are always looking forward to hearing the story of the characters. Pictures help me to keep the students focused on the topic and the students are very eager to hear what Mighty Bear and Brave Bird are doing next.”, wraps up Kcomt the students’ excitement.

Kcomt sees social-emotional skills as a crucial topic to teach for small students.

We focus on SEL during the whole school day and it is part of each lesson. For us, it is not an extra lesson to keep when you have the time, but it is rather part of every moment with the students. We provide them with a safe space to speak about their thoughts and emotions. I think that is one of the reasons we have seen such a big impact of SEL in our students”, tells Kcomt.

Social-emotional learning is essential for the development of children to be able to understand their emotions and to maintain positive social relationships as well as to be able to show empathy towards others. For me, as a teacher, it is very important to set a good example for my students. I think social-emotional skills are crucial for life and I hope the learning from my lessons will help the students to get a good life in the future and help them reach their full potential.

The Nordic International School of Lima aims to bring the best of the Nordic education system to Latin America. One of the school’s main aims is to promote the social-emotional development of the students. 

Silvia’s 5 top tips for remote learning: 

  • Use the names of the characters to name your student groups to make them feel closely connected to the characters and to each other
  • Pictures keep up the engagement of the students and help them stay focused even in online learning
  • You can use pictures of Mighty Bear and Brave Bird as a background of your screen on most video meeting platforms. This raises the interest of the students at the beginning of the lesson and keeps them concentrated on the topic.
  • You can read the stories multiple times. The students really enjoy the stories. It makes it easier for them to understand the different topics when they are encouraged to give guidance to Mighty Bear and Brave Bird in various tricky situations.
  • Make sure that SEL is part of all your online lessons and give your students a safe space to speak and to talk about their thoughts and feelings.