Social-emotional learning programs and training


Laura-Maria Sinisalo to lead the pedagogical services of Mightifier

Teacher and pedagog Laura-Maria Sinisalo (M.Ed) has started as the leader of the pedagogical services of Mightifier. In her role, she will be responsible for developing the Mightifier-application, focused on wellbeing and emotional skills. Additionally, she will be supporting curriculum-related strategic and other planning needs when starting the use of Mightifier.

Laura-Maria Sinisalo has worked a long career as a developer in the educational field. Lastly, she has worked as a teacher in the primary school of Latokartano in Helsinki, where she was also a part of the executive team and led her development team related to broad cultural and interactive competencies. Before that, Sinisalo has worked, for example, in development tasks in the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning – centre in Hamburg, Germany and as a coordinator of internationalisation education for the Plan Finland Organization.

“I’m excited to start in the team of Mightifier. The wellbeing skills and emotional skills of the students and the teachers are greatly challenged amid a pandemic. Support is needed to survive the crisis, but most of all, to recover from it. There are positive signs in the air already, and in many countries, school is starting to return to its pre-pandemic state,” says Laura-Maria Sinisalo. In her opinion, however, one can’t think that return to the old is even possible anymore.

“Now we need to think about the modes of operation again, observe the new digital tools and continue their use even if we could mainly return to on-site education. The future of the development of the pandemic or other factors affecting education is unknown. For that reason, we need to strengthen our skills to survive in states of emergency and to recover from them”, Sinisalo continues.

Mightifier digital tool supports the development of the students’ social skills and a positive environment. Its regular use in on-site education and remote education situations creates emotional security for the individual and an encouraging spirit in the group, which reduces stress and helps solve the bullying situation.

Sinisalo sees the importance of developing students’ social skills both at the individual and community level.

“Unfortunately, often we hear how school bullying and other disruptive behaviour has led to severe consequences. They often have lasting effects on the life of the bullied and consequences on the bully’s life. We need to be able to prevent this from happening”, notes Sinisalo.