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Mightifier begins a new collaboration with Chilean schools 

Social-emotional learning platform Mightifier from Finland begins collaboration with Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura de Antofagasta, a non-profit educational corporation in Chile.

Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO of Mightifier, states:
“We are excited to see this collaboration going ahead. The situation with schools with the restrictions due to the epidemic has been hard in Chile and it is not getting any easier for some time still. We hope to be the agent of support for teachers and students alike and stretching our impact on parents, too, whilst children are spending their school days at home.”

Francisco Moreno, Plus Finland executive director, says:
“We are proud to be agents of change and promote Finnish education in Chilean schools, where education has multiple challenges. Student well-being is the most important thing in this process and is prior to learning itself, therefore, we must ensure that they have access to these tools like Mightifier, so that teachers can detect socio-emotional problems in time, especially in this time of pandemic “.

The Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura de Antofagasta is a private non-profit corporation founded in May 1957. The incorporation of the Finnish education project in the educational corporation and in particular in the Colegio Chileno Americano presents a great opportunity for the students who will now have an access to a new way of learning and will become pioneers in this type of teaching and education in Antofagasta and in the North of Chile.

One of the Board members of The Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura de Antofagasta stated upon the news release:
“This year 2020, in which we have suffered this pandemic in a transversal and global way, has been particularly hard for all educators in the country and in the world. They have had to face a new way of teaching students from their homes online, so incorporating applications such as Mightifier, and others that are part of our project will undoubtedly provide them with a new important tool that will continue to teach them and add elements of quality to their teaching.”