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Mightifier joins Nordic initiative to support educators globally with free learning tech

Mightifier participates in Nordic EdTech Community’s initiative to support educators globally with free learning tech. 

Teach Millions initiative is to offer free technology from close to 100 different Nordic companies as a form of emergency aid. All the learning technology on is open and free of charge for students, teachers, NGO’s and governments worldwide as of April 2020.

“We are excited to be a part of this wonderful initiative offering teachers and around the world the opportunity to benefit from these technology innovations during this lock-down situation”, comments Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO for Mighty United, company behind Mightifier. 

“Our participation links to our original involvement at platform. That platform grouped educational tool developers from Finland that wanted to reach out to help all those teachers and students in danger of being confined in their homes without access to daily education. Now, this participation expands to cover the whole Nordic edtech community.”

These initiatives from Finland and Nordic countries have created interest around the world.

“Since joining the initiatives we have seen an almost a 500% increase in inquiries compared to the time prior to the epidemic. And these contacts have come from educators around the world, from Europe, the USA, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Most unexpected inquiries have arrived from Mongolia, Azerbaijan, and South-Africa, and they have all been activated. The need for support is real and acute, and we are proud to be able to help”, continues Pänkäläinen.

“The initiative originates from all Nordic countries and gathers all the solutions from,,,,, and Together, the solutions cover many languages such as English, French, Modern Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, and the Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Baltic languages If you find a relevant EdTech solution that does not meet your language requirements, please contact us anyway – we might have a solution,’ Heini Karppinen, the co-founder of EdTech Finland elaborates.

The solutions cover many languages such as English, French, Modern Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, and the Scandinavian, Finno-Ugric and Baltic languages. 

Data ethics is crucial in the new initiative and therefore all donors on Teach Millions are confirmed to be GDPR compliant.

“All the EdTech solutions displayed on Teach Millions will be free of charge as long as the Corona crisis continues, and the schools and educational institutions are closed,” says Märt Aro, Chairman Of The Board at Nordic EdTech Forum – N8.

Heini Karppinen, Chair, EdTech Finland, +358407551803,
Märt Aro, Chairman, Nordic EdTech Forum – N8, +372 53415761,

About The Nordic Edtech Community
The Nordic EdTech Community is a new community that gathers companies and ecosystem development organisations from the educational technology sector. The community is non-profit and is not connected to any government institutions. The initiative has been realized in a matter of weeks and is dependent on voluntary contributions from the participating companies and organisations.

Estonian Ministry of Education and Research with its initiative Education Nation and United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) are supporting the movement. All organisations and governments are welcome on board to support in any way they can. 

The aim of the is to bring together Finnish educational apps of certified pedagogical quality used by hundreds of schools in Finland. We want to help teachers to discover new educational tools and complement the traditional ways of teaching, especially for distance learning.