Social-emotional learning programs and training


Mightifier kicks off a new collaboration in Mexico

Finnish education technology company Mightifier starts a new collaboration with the Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School, founded in 1963 in el Mirador in Tlalnepantla de Baz in the State of Mexico.

The principal of the school, Mr Hector Mario Proo Navarro, states:

“The school and the society need to pay attention to the situation of the children and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the socio-emotional learning is essential for the teachers, students and parents to generate an attitude of support, solidarity and confidence to improve the learning of the students.”

“In Mexico, there isn’t such a valuable tool available that allows students to generate empathy, confidence and safety, as well as putting in practice different values. Teachers are able to track the feelings, emotions, concerns of the children, and this way reflect their educational work”, Principal Proo continues. 

Staff of Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School in el Mirador in Tlalnepantla de Baz in the State of Mexico.

Principal Proo wants to highlight the important aspect of the development of the students is socio-emotional learning.

“A child requires a number of activities that give him/her confidence, joy and safety, which is why managing their emotions maintains a positive attitude and improves substantially their learning. We believe that a happy child learns more” and continues to celebrate this collaboration:

“This wonderful opportunity that Mightfier gives our school with its social-emotional learning tools will be the most important that I do for my students.“

Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO & founder of Mightifier, says:
“We could not be more excited about this collaboration. This school is truly dedicated to students’ social-emotional development and sees the crucial need especially in the time of pandemic and remote learning.”

Data supported tools for student and teacher well-being

Co-created with Finnish teachers, school leaders, and students, Mightifier empowers students to practice “active empathy” by providing peer-to-peer positive feedback based on research-backed character strengths, including honesty, compassion, growth mindset, self-regulation, and social intelligence.

Cross-curricular activities enable teachers to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into the classroom. Teachers and school administrators are also provided with essential tools that provide detailed data and give valuable insight into school culture while identifying potential issues around student safety and social isolation. 

”There is a fundamental urgency to provide social-emotional development tools to schools at these challenging times, and we are excited to contribute to the well-being at Ignacio Zaragoza Primary School,” adds Mervi Pänkäläinen.