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Mightifier launches new Flashcards to help students to deepen their understanding of strengths

Mightifier is proud to launch a unique new toolkit – The Mightifier Flashcards to provide more support for daily social-emotional learning at schools. These flashcards are designed to speed up learning about the strengths. The cards are designed by Mightifier’s pedagogical team and can be used in the classroom in groups, pairs or as individual work. 

Mightifier Flashcards were created to answer the many requests received from teachers. 

“Teachers have been asking for tools to help students to understand and reflect more on character strengths. And that is exactly what we have now created: a flexible toolkit for teachers to use whether your discussion takes 5 minutes or an hour”, explains Laura-Maria Sinisalo, Pedagogical Director of Mightifier. “So far, the users’ feedback has been excellent, and students have reacted with very positive results.”

The content in the flashcard is based on positive psychology and research on character strengths.

Simple and flexible to use

The idea behind the flashcards is simple. You can print them out, cut them and glue them together so that the question and the answer are on the opposite sides of the card. Once the cards are ready, you can ask your students to think about solutions to the questions on their own, in pairs, or in small groups.

A great way to use flashcards is to put them on the tables around the classroom according to the strengths so that each strength has its own table. The teacher can then ask students to walk around the classroom thinking about answers to the questions and flipping the cards to see an example answer. 

Most questions do not have one specific correct answer; instead, there are multiple ways to answer them. The Mightifier Flashcards simply show that there are many ways one could answer the questions. 

“We hope these flashcards will help students discuss their character strengths with their peers and reflect on their own behaviour. We also hope that once these have been printed out, they work as a reminder of strength-based pedagogy to be embraced in the classroom throughout the year”, explains Sinisalo. 

Top tip! Preparing the cards is an excellent activity for the students to practice clipping and glueing.