Social-emotional learning programs and training


Mightifier partners with ACE EdVenture in Malaysia

Today’s latest studies and feedback from schools worldwide highlight the importance of comprehensive and school-wide focus on emotional well-being and mental health. ACE EdVenture Education Group in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is teaming up with the Finnish social-emotional learning company Mightifier to promote a people-focused school culture. The Group aims to leverage the well-being data and insights to optimally lead the school’s culture into a place where people flourish.

ACE EdVenture Education Group states that focusing only on academic degrees is not enough anymore.
They place the student’s transformation in the centre and focus on unleashing their greatness.

Anne Tham, Founder and CEO

Anne Tham, Founder and CEO of ACE EdVenture, states:
“This partnership with Mightifier is a great honour as it solidifies the priority we’ve placed on every student’s social-emotional well-being for over 25 years. With Mightifier’s program, we’ll be able to assess and tangibly monitor their progress and take their growth even further. We are very excited to see this evolve and witness even more children bloom as unique, socio-emotionally intelligent individuals.”

Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO of Mightifier says:
“We are delighted for this partnership with ACE EdVenture Education Group. Their educational philosophy is 100% aligned with our commitment to demonstrate the unique value of every learner and staff member. ”

Pänkäläinen continues:
“Students see their teachers and school staff as role models. By taking a school-wide approach and
focusing on creating a people-focused culture where everyone is treated with respect and appreciation, it
gives a powerful message to students.”

The school uses Mightifier’s social-emotional learning program weekly with all students. Also, the
whole staff goes through a Workplace SEL training module. During the coming month, everybody in the
school community will recognise character strengths from their own and teammates’ behaviour, give
each other fact-based positive feedback and practice their relationship skills.

About ACE EdVenture

For 26 years, ACE EdVenture has been unleashing greatness in every child through transformational education that prioritises their social-emotional growth. The group has founded two award-winning international schools, Dwi Emas
and Sri Emas, utilising Finnish EdTech products such as Mightifier to enhance their students’ education experience. ACE’s schools were featured in Cambridge University Student Union’s publications showcasing global leaders in education for six consecutive years (2014-2020) in areas such as “World-Class Education” and “Best-Practice Pioneers”.