Social-emotional learning programs and training


Mightifier partners with Bermuda’s Somersfield Academy to create a strengths-based learning culture

Mightifier has partnered with Somersfield Academy in Bermuda to provide a social-emotional learning curriculum for students and create a strengths-driven learning culture. The collaboration includes staff training sessions, the Mightifier program’s use for weekly lesson plans, and the creation of positive character profiles.

Covid-19 has been one of the drivers behind the need to strengthen school culture to a more nurturing and appreciative direction. Stress and anxiety are troubling everyone, from staff members to students and families. Social-emotional learning has been demonstrated to positively impact students’ emotional well-being, and in the current situation of student and teachers’ global exhaustion and a result of the pandemic, there has never been a more compelling time to prioritize their coping skills and well-being.

Peter Howe, Principal of Somersfield Academy, comments:
“We are thrilled to be partnering with Mightifier in enhancing the social and emotional learning of our students (and staff) at Somersfield. What the pandemic has underscored is that well-being is everything in establishing an effective learning environment and we are very excited about the potential of the Mightifier program to make deliberate what we have been doing in a more informal manner for years. We place the student at the centre of all that we do and the Mightifier team does as well.”

The whole school approach builds strong school culture

Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO of Mightifier, says:
“We are very excited about this partnership with Somersfield Academy. Particularly, our team has been impressed at their whole school approach and the time commitment they have made to ensure the impact of this work. They see the value of every single staff member as a role model for their students and hence the need to work on their well-being and the school culture first.” 

Laura-Maria Sinisalo, Pedagogical Director of Mightifier, adds: 

“It makes me very happy to see how Somersfield Academy is dedicated to running social-emotional learning for all their students, starting from early education.

Sinisalo continues:
“It is important to recognize the impact that a supportive and positive strength-based school culture has throughout the whole organization to provide a supportive learning environment during the educational journey of all students.

In our experience, students constantly observe the behavior of staff and other students and, in the long run, benefit from the school culture that is based on respect, recognizes emotions, deals with them supportively, and gives systematic positive feedback to all students.”

Today, SEL skills are widely researched and acknowledged as critical skills on their own. As stated in an OECD study Beyond Academic Learning, September 2021:
“The benefits of developing children’s social and emotional skills go beyond cognitive development and academic outcomes; they are also important drivers of mental health and labor market prospects. Social and emotional skills are an essential developmental outcome in their own right. The ability of citizens to adapt, be resourceful, respect and work well with others, and take personal and collective responsibility is increasingly becoming the hallmark of a well-functioning society.”


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