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Mightifier partners with CambriLearn to provide social-emotional learning curriculum to online students

Mightifier has partnered with online school provider CambriLearn to provide a social-emotional learning curriculum for students studying from home. Mightifier has developed a 24-week course to roll out daily student activities to enhance social-emotional skills and character development.

Covid-19 is one of the drivers behind the increasing number of virtual learners around the world. By partnering with Mightifier, CambriLearn seeks to bring the best of the Finnish education and curriculum development in social-emotional learning to its families. The first set of courses are targeted at primary school students. 

Claudia Swartzberg, CEO of CambriLearn, comments:
“Studies have shown that 80% of a person’s success in adult life can be attributed to emotional intelligence. In addition to equipping students with an internationally accredited education, CambriLearn also realises the need to develop and nurture a child’s emotional intelligence. When competing for jobs in a global market, SEL can be the differentiating factor employers will focus on. With this in mind, we have partnered with a Finnish company, Mightifier, to offer our students the opportunity to develop these crucial future skills.”

Mervi Pänkäläinen, CEO of Mightifier says:
“We are very excited to start this partnership with CambriLearn and continue our SEL work in a 100% virtual learning environment. These skills can be taught both in real life but also virtually. However, it is important that learning is enhanced by regular teacher-led sessions and group support, whether in-class or virtual class.”

Laura-Maria Sinisalo, Pedagogical Director of Mightifier adds:
“It is important to introduce these critical skills to children already at an early age and continue the work systematically throughout their educational journey. In our experience, within months, students start recognizing each other’s strengths and emotions. In the long run, these skills strengthen the development of self-awareness and self-esteem and support students and families at large during the pandemic and will also be part of their future successful career and life skills.” 

Today, SEL skills are widely researched and acknowledged as critical skills on their own. As stated in an OECD study Beyond Academic Learning, September 2021: The benefits of developing children’s social and emotional skills go beyond cognitive development and academic outcomes; they are also important drivers of mental health and labor market prospects. Social and emotional skills are an important developmental outcome in their own right. The ability of citizens to adapt, be resourceful, respect and work well with others, and take personal and collective responsibility is increasingly becoming the hallmark of a well-functioning society. 

Mightifier in CambriLearn:

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