The Sankt Henrik School in Chile has chosen to use a social-emotional learning solution developed by a Finnish education technology company Mightifier. “We chose Mightifier because it can fully support our remote teaching efforts. It is paramount to us, that we can support our students 100% as they are learning exclusively in online settings” states Marjo Dillstrom, principal at the Sankt Henrik School in Santiago, Chile.

The Sankt Henrik School has applied a child-centred pedagogy and complemented the Chilean curriculum with renowned Finnish educational practices. The school functions completely online.

Social-emotional support works online

The staff at Sankt Henrik School, as well as all the schools in the world, are concerned about supporting children’s social and emotional needs. Adapting subject content to remote teaching and yet fully supporting social-emotional needs of each student is a worldwide challenge.

“One of the main concerns relating to remote teaching is that students’ social contacts suffer for a great deal. We wanted to tackle this problem with the best tools available and ensure that we could provide children support in building meaningful relationships online,” says Marjo Dillstrom. 

“We chose Mightifier as it is essential to learn about one’s personal strengths and be able to identify them in oneself as in others. This is an integral part of growth and self-knowledge. It also helps a great deal in learning to better understand others. Mightifier can be adapted to online-teaching as well as in-class,” Dillstrom adds. “Mightifier is a great addition to what we are trying to accomplish in raising resilient children with great social skills”.  

Data supported tools for student and teacher well-being

Co-created with Finnish teachers, school leaders, and students, Mightifier empowers students to practice “active empathy” by providing peer-to-peer positive feedback based on research-backed character strengths, including honesty, compassion, growth mindset, self-regulation, and social intelligence.

“It is important to us that Mightifier is based on theories of positive psychology, as well as on research by Martin Seligman, and Carol Dweck’s Mindset-theory.  We want to benefit from all of these and apply them in our own social-emotional learning (SEL) program,” states Marjo Dillstrom.

Cross-curricular activities enable teachers to integrate social and emotional learning (SEL) into the lessons. Teachers and school administrators are also provided with essential tools that provide detailed data and give valuable insights into school culture while identifying potential issues around student safety and social isolation.

”There is a fundamental urgency to provide quality social-emotional support for students and give the teachers the tools to do it whether teaching remotely or in-class. We are excited to start working together with Sankt Henrik School,” states Mervi Pänkäläinen, Mightifier’s founder and CEO.