The strength of Finnish teaching and schooling has long been the fact that students understand the importance of schooling for their own future. Success in school has generally also ensured a better future and also better social and economical status. And due to this, the level of education of Finns has risen from generation to generation.

However current pupils no longer have the same meaning in relation to school, schooling and their future. The school, in particular in terms of digital education and learning environments, is no longer in line with the real life and their own way of using digital services, software and hardware. When the significance and meaningful relationship of school, real life, and the future becomes obscured, the young person easily turns their interest and enthusiasm away from school and study. [1] Primarily, the school should be able to respond to the change and transformation of social skills and abilities and education system should also develop and improve the adaptability of students.

School as a holistic environment, all staff, pupils and parents should also support school and student welfare now more than ever. Enthusiasm in studying is one of the key factors in student welfare. When a pupil can enjoy attending school and the pupil feels the school environment is supportive, the student most often feels that they are a significant part of a group. And they feel that by studying something meaningful can be achieved. [2]

In most cases, children remember the first school day’s excitement – in the first grade as well as in other classes at the beginning of the school year. The education system should be able to uphold this enthusiasm towards school and love for learning. School tiredness and negative stumbling to school should not be given opportunities and power. [3] Any of the tools that help to preserve pupils’ positive attitudes toward schooling are paramount! We can not afford to lose any pupil’s enthusiasm for school! 
Luckily we can nurture learning environments where school enthusiasm and engagement can keep growing. We’ve seen that in classes where Mightifier is used regularly students don’t only maintain their school enthusiasm but it even increases as the school year progresses! This is a wonderful change to the common trend of enthusiasm slowly fading away. What could be a better Christmas present than the increased school enthusiasm of your class?

One of the school’s most important meanings is to act as a social environment for children and young people. The learning environment is a powerful tool for young people’s opportunities, future orientation and well-being, and for this, as well as for the development of social emotional skills, the school needs modern, student “approved” digital tools. A positive learning atmosphere and the amount of peer support increase school expenditure and reduce the feeling of school exhaustion. [3]

It is primarily about building the future, as the student’s social skills and attitude towards social situations during the studies have a great influence on student ability and learning. The social well-being of the study phase, on the other hand, predicts occupational well-being and thus implies the success of transition to working life. [4]

With these thoughts Team Mightifier would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays! To see children doing better and enjoying school after regular Mightifying is the best Christmas gift we could imagine. Let’s keep up the good work next semester too!


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