Do you sometimes feel, that it’s hard to concentrate on anything or it’s hard to get anything done? Sometimes unpleasant emotions and thoughts can get the hold of us. To be able to let these unpleasant feelings disappear, you need to become aware of them. Best option for that could be stopping and taking a deep breath. When we become aware of emotions and thoughts that are inside of us, they will lose their power to control us!

Relax with breathing (10min)

Before this practice you can move to a peaceful environment. If you want, you can adjust the light and make sure there is no distracting noises. You can play relaxing music such as nature sounds while doing the practice.

  1. Take a comfortable posture on your chair. You can close your eyes or let your gaze soften and fall gently downward. Take five deep breaths in and let the air flow out through your nose or mouth. Feel the sensation of your breath.
  2. Feel your inhale now. Feel the air flowing smoothly to your lungs. Breathe your belly button further from your spine with every inhale.
  3. Feel your exhale now. Feel the air flowing through your nose or mouth. Feel how every exhale relaxes your body. Feel how your legs press themselves more firmly to ground, your bottom to the chair and your back against the back of the chair.
  4. Now imagine a balloon in your belly. With every inhale the balloon inflates and expands. Fill the balloon ten times with a deep inhale.
  5. Now imagine filling a balloon with your exhale. You can hold the balloon with your hands. Exhale ten long and peaceful breaths to your balloon.
  6. Finally breath normally and feel how your body feels now.

Mightifier tip: You can imagine blowing your unpleasant emotions and thoughts to different colored balloons and watch them float away!