We asked people around the world to help us celebrate Finland and our 100 years of independence with us. What better way to celebrate this wonderful achievement than by Mightifying Finland with positive feedback. The results are in an here are the Top Strengths of Finland!

1. Persistence – sinnikkyys

Persistence won the title of the no. 1 strength with almost 30 % of all the votes. This is a wonderful choice for Finland since it is really close to a Finnish concept called sisu. It is a word used to describe the Finnish determination and grit. Here’s how people described their choice of persistence as the Top Strength of Finland:

“Finns are ready to work hard for the things we truly value.”
“Persistence is the modern equivalent for sisu.  Finnish children get sisu already when they are born!”
“Finland is a small country full of resilient people and  we never give up.”
“The growth we’ve been able to build has been achieved with a lot of persistence.”
“Finns and Finnish companies show persistence by coming up with more amazing and meaningful innovations year after year. Mightifier is a great example!” 
“Finland showed persistence in how we were able to rise to a state of wellbeing and equality. Now we need even more persistence to nurture these achievements!”
“Finland keeps on going and we will always keep getting back up if we fall. This is a country that always beats the odds!”


2. Honesty – rehellisyys

Honesty was chosen for the no. 2 strength of Finland. Here’s why almost 20 % of the people chose honesty:

“Finland is the safest place on earth.”
“You can even leave your wallet somewhere and you’ll find it in the exact same place later. Unless someone took it to the police station for you to pick up!”
“Finns are honest and always speak the truth. In Finland we also trust in everyone’s honesty.”
“The Finnish culture is honest and that is the bottom line for everything: people, order and the country.”


3. Fairness – reiluus

Fairness was the last strength to make in the top 3 with more than 10 % of the votes. Here’s why:

“Fairness is the foundation of Finland. We aim to treat other people and countries with fairness.”
“It is a huge strength that Finland is such an equal country. We always aim to treat everyone the same.”
“In Finland everyone helps each other and are willing to offer help if someone needs it.”

We were glad to notice that Finland received a whole lot of positive feedback on many character strengths. Appreciation of beauty and excellence is shown in the way Finnish nature is treated. Love of learning is shown in the wonderful Finnish school system. Finland received also positive feedback on bravery – how Finns face their challenges and cold winters despite the small nation. Humility is shown in the way we keep quiet even though we would have lots to brag about. Someone even chose humor as the top strength of Finland – but maybe that was an example of our sense of humor in itself!


Huge thanks to everyone who gave positive feedback to Finland! We are so happy to start this next century of independence in such a positive way.

Congratulations to Finland on 100 years of independence!